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Updated on: is a router IP address that is very popular, many of the router brands and home broadband uses this IP inside their local area network. You can easily use to get access to the admin console of your router so that you can have every perk of getting ownership of your router who doesn't want it? right! Admin Login

As I have mentioned that this IP address is quite popular and so almost every popular router brand such as Actiontec, Sagemcom, Siemens uses as their router IP address. If you are having any of these router brands so most probably already using IP address for accessing your admin console.

There are some other brands aside from the routers mentioned above that use as the IP address of their router and other devices. You can easily log in to the admin panel with the help of this IP address all you have to do is just enter this IP address on your browser and automatically login page will pop up on your device.

This is not the one and only IP address that is being used by these brands actually there are a few more such as,, and If your router supports one of these IPs then you can easily get access by entering the IP on the browser.

What is the Use of IP Address? IP address the private IP address registered by IANA. As we have discussed before that this IP is used by some very popular router brands that use this IP address as their host IP. So you don't need any internet connectivity in your device to connect with this IP address, It can be used directly with the local network.

In easy language, you can use the IP address to get access to the admin console where you can make every possible change whatever you want to such as changing the local IP address, DHCP, network settings, and many more.

Now, If you are wondering that how can you get access to that admin console, don't worry mate just keep reading. Admin Login
Login to

To get access to the admin console all you have to is to connect your device with your router's wifi network, After making sure that your device has connected just enter to your device's browser address and your admin console page will be loaded in your browser.

If you are not able to access your console by following the steps you are told then you are using the wrong IP address most probably. Before trying that make sure that your router's IP address is because different router brands use different IP addresses.

How To Find Your Router's IP Address?

Now the question arises that how can we find our router's IP address so here we are to solve your query.

If you are already connected with your router's wifi network and still not getting access to the login page even after entering in your browser, then the answer is very clear that your router uses a different IP address as the host. So, In this case, you have to find the actual host IP address to get access to the login page.

It is not rocket science to find your router's IP address, just be seated, and follow the mentioned process carefully.

All you have to do is to run a simple command on your device to find your router's IP address and this command becomes a cup of tea if your device is macOS.

On macOS, all you have to do is to open the terminal and just type the below command and its done your system will show you the device's local IP address. Here is the Command,

ifconfig | grep "inet " | grep -Fv | awk '{print $2}'

This will return the "inet" IP address of your device

Now, Let's talk about window users, they have to open the command prompt, click on the start menu, and search for CMD, now click on the program to open it.

When the command prompt is open just type the mentioned command.


BINGO! 😃 It will provide you with your router's host IP address.

Once you have your router's actual IP address I guess now you know what to do to get access to the login page. Let's just recall that all you have to do is to enter that IP address to your device's browser and the login page will popup on your device.

How To Access Admin Console At

Well, Not everyone born with engineer skills I remember it has been a while when I bought my first router, I was totally blank at that time. I knew nothing about the admin console and After a while after doing proper research about everything it was nothing just a cup of tea.

We are humans, not robots that is why the first time this can be a little difficult for you but it is very easy and simple once you understand it properly. For understanding it properly I have shared the complete instructions about how you can access the admin console at

Here are the setup instructions,

My router uses as its host IP address, In your case, the IP address may differ because as we have discussed that different brands use different IP address— this IP address is used to communicate with the devices connected with the same wifi network.

It is really necessary to be connected with the same wifi network to access So if you are not connected with your router, just connect your PC with it using the RJ45 connecter cable. Now you just need to enter on the web browser and press enter.

You can also just click on the link given below to visit the router admin panel page

Routers Admin Panel => Admin Login
Login to

After visiting the link, you will be taken to your router's login page, where you will be asked for the username and the password. If you are setting up the router for the first time, then you can find the default username and password in our database here. In case you have changed it you can enter your login id and password. router login
Router Login for

After entering the valid credentials of your router your system will automatically take you to the admin panel page and once you get access to the admin panel you can make every possible change whatever you want to. Basically, you can manage your router through the admin panel.


In an era full of the hectic and tight schedule it's no big deal if you miss remembering your username and password but it is a really big deal if you don't know how to get your username and password of your admin console.

So, here we are with some instructions through which you can easily recover your username and password. Let's just show you instead of talking about the tricks.

  1. First thing first just make yourself sure that your wifi is connected to your computer or other devices. You own a Router so you know very well there are some lights on that router you need to check all the lights if all the lights are on.
  2. After making sure that your device is connected to your wifi we need to forward to our next step which is rebooting, For making reboot happen all you need to do is pull out the plug of the router for a while and then again replug that, and the same procedure with the modem.
  3. Now, This step is all about observing power, You need to observe that whether you are behind any firewall, Yes, you read absolutely right! I am talking about firewall I am talking about this because there are many chances router might be unable to access the internet on account of the conflict with the firewall settings.
  4. Now, the last step and the easiest step just to open the browser and try to access your admin console for doing so tye your IP address on the address bar of the browser. The address is There are high chances that you could recover your username and password by all these steps but just in case you failed to recover your username and password you need not worry just reset the router to factory settings by pressing the reset button on the router.

Default Username & Password of Router Which Belongs to

There is always a first time for everyone and if you are dealing with a router for the very first time then you can have the default username and password of your router on the user manual of the router box but just in case you got your router from the internet service provider then most probably then you will find the default credentials at the back of your router in the sticker form.

What if you are using an old router or you have forgotten the username and password of your router. Well, in this case, you are gonna need our website because this website is specially created for the router users like us who forgot the password. After all, it is not an easy task to remember so many passwords at a time. 😜

So, considering the fact that there are many people just like me who cannot remember so many passwords at a time I have created this website, where I’m covering everything about routers including the popular router brand, IP addresses, and 5,000+ models of popular router. And yes, the default credentials of routers too.

There are a few usernames and passwords which are mostly used by routers that belong to the IP address. You can try the sequence of these usernames and passwords to check if it works for your device or not. If the credentials are valid, you instantly logged in to the admin console at

Username Password
admin admin
admin none
admin password
none admin
none none

If just in case these credentials did not work for you still have nothing to worry about, all you have to do is click here and try checking the default credentials in our database where we shared the login credentials of more than 470+ router brands and 5,000+ router models.

Well, It is not possible first but still, if you won't get your default username and password of your router then you can request us to add the credentials of your router by contacting us here – but until we add the default credentials of your router, you can try checking the username and password on the backside of your router or on the user manual.

How To Check Default Credentials of Router?

It happens sometimes when we won't be able to get the actual credentials of our router and if this what happened to you or happening to you then don't freak at all.

You can easily check the default credentials of the router in our database and still if you are facing issues to get the actual login credentials, all you have to do is follow the steps I mentioned below to regain access to your router.

In case you forget the login credentials;

  • First, just calm down and check if the login credentials of the router are printed on the back of your router or not because sometimes your ISP provides the default credentials of the router in the attached sticker. So, I personally recommend you to check the backside of the router for retrieving usernames and passwords.
  • Check if the user manual provided along with the router has a default username and password printed. In most of the cases, the router provider provided the details on the user manual for convenience.

Once you found the username and the password of your router which belongs to you need to visit the page and log in with those credentials for accessing the router.

What Can I Do With

This question has obviously crossed your mind ever that what is the use of IP address? and what would you do with

If you’ve access to the router which belongs to the IP address, then you can use that IP address to access the admin console of the router. This is the default gateway of many routers and used only inside of a local area network.

Here we have listed a few things which you can manage using…
  • Changing Username & Password,
  • Managing Network Settings,
  • Proxy & VPN Settings,
  • Upgrading Device Firmware,
  • Firewall Hardening,

and a lot more things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No matter how much knowledge we gathered there are still some queries which we wondered, Well, By keeping that fact in our mind, Here we're sharing few FAQs related to this IP address which solves all your queries.

How to Reset My Router Which Belongs to

Well, If you want to reset your router which belongs to the IP address then this is a very easy process to make all you have to do is to find the hole in the backside of your router.

In that hole, you’ll find a button that is only accessible using the SIM ejector tool or any sharp pin object. The button is used to reset your device. Press the button and hold it for 10-15 seconds and you’re done resetting the router.

Do I Need an Active Internet Connection to Open Admin Console?

Absolutely no, You don't have to need an active internet connection to open the admin console. You can easily access the IP address inside a local area network.

So, even if you are not having an active internet connection still you can easily access the admin console and manage your router settings.

Why Am I Unable to Login Into My Admin Console With Any of the Given Default Username and Password?

Well, most probably it happens when you or someone change who set up the router have changed the default password while setting up the router. So, In this case, you have to reset your router after resetting it you are free to login into your admin console with the default username and password.

Wrapping Up!

You have come this far almost ending of the article we hope that you have found something helpful from our article and you must have got what you came looking for.

We are sure that now you must have aware of this fact that what you can do with just your IP address. You can log into your admin console just with your IP address. The admin console is used to manage the router, change settings, username, password, and all the other stuff.

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