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Are you dealing with the Zoom router for the very first time? You must have many queries such as how to login to the admin console and how to make possible changes in the router. If you are having issues accessing the Zoom router, Then Congratulations, You found the perfect place.

Here, In this article, you are gonna find your all answers which you were wondering after having a Zoom router, But the first thing first we need to know before accessing the admin panel of the Zoom router is its default IP address.

Most probably in most cases, The default IP address of the Zoom router is But what if you are not able to get access to the admin panel by this IP address, Don't worry! you can try login into,,, these IP addresses. those are the other most commonly used IP addresses.

So now you know your default IP address of the Zoom router, Now what? is it enough to get access to the admin console? and if not what do we need now? Let's find out.

You will find every answer to your question in this post just be seated for a while and read the whole post.

Well, usually you need the default username and password to login to the admin panel but sometimes the default password is enough to get access to the console for the very first time and once you are done with the login to the console, You can easily set up your own username and password of your Zoom router.


How to Get Default Username & Password

It is not so hard to find the default username and password of your Zoom router and if you don't know the default credentials of your router then there is nothing to worry about.

In today's life, it is very easy to forget most of the things like the default credentials of our device, the IP address of your router (which is in the Zoom router case).  If we talk about me I don't know the default credentials of my router either.

I can totally relate that how hard it is to manage these things, If you have forgotten about your default credentials as well, Don't worry I’ve created this website just specially for people like us.

With the help of this website, you can easily able to find the default credentials of your Zoom router, We have shared the IP addresses used by the Zoom routers.

Zoom routers brand uses few username and passwords commonly, what you have to do is to try those standard credentials one by one. Here are the common usernames and passwords,

Username Password
admin admin
admin none
admin password
none admin
none none

None of them worked for you?

Don't freak, If these default usernames and passwords did not work for you. You can try checking the default username and password of your router in our giant database and for visiting our database all you have to do is just click here.

Our database has details about the default credentials of more than 500+ routers brand and 5200+ routers models. For sure, you will find the username and password over there, and we have also arranged the default credentials of the Zoom router, including the username, password, and the login IP in alphanumeric order for ease.

If you won't be able to find the default username and password of your router in our database you can contact us and request us to add your router's default credentials just click here to contact us. We personally recommend you to check the backside of your router, and in the user manual, mostly routers brand print the details over there.

How to Check the Default Credentials of My Router?

Well, If you did not get default credentials from our database then don't worry! we have some other ways too to find your default username and password of your Zoom router.

Even these are the easiest ways to find the default credentials of your router.

  • First and the very easy option is to just take a look at the backside of your Zoom router Most of the router prints default credentials on the backside of the router. And sometimes, even from ISP, you’ve provided the default credentials of the router in the attached sticker.
  • If the first option did not go well with you then you can try this option which is also very easy we suggest you check the user manual. Many leading router brands, including Arris, print the router's details in the user manual so that the users will get it conveniently.

Once you are done with finding the default credentials of your router you are free to access the admin console.

How to Login to Zoom Admin Console?

Now the question arises on how to login to the Zoom admin console so let's figure it out.

Well, Basically once you got all the login details it is just as easy as to login to your Facebook account but you have to make sure that your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network while logging into the router's admin console.

Let's just assume that I am owning the most popular model of the Zoom router brand, Then most probably my default IP address would be

All I have to do is just to open the browser on my device and type (which is my default IP address). The system will automatically take you to the login page of your router, Just don't forget to be connected with the same wifi network while doing this process because this is a local IP address that is only used inside a local network.

Now you will be asked to enter your username and password and after entering the correct details of your router just hit the enter button and yes you finally reached the admin console page of your router.

Now, You can easily make any possible change to your router such as its default settings, network settings, and vice versa.

How to Find the Zoom Router’s IP Address?

We have come this far in this article, So, I guess this thing is quite clear that we cannot log in to the admin console without our router's IP address, right! So, How can we find the Zoom router's IP address?

Well, Mostly the default IP address used by the Zoom router is Sometimes it also uses the,, on a few models for accessing the console page of the router.

There is some possibility that these IP addresses won't work for you if you have purchased your routers from Internet Service Provider. So, In that case, we have to find our IP address on our own (which is not a hard task) to do.

You can easily find your IP address just to use an easy command. The thing becomes easier if you are performing this process on your macOS all you need to do is to go to the terminal and type the mentioned command and just hit enter.

ifconfig | grep "inet " | grep -Fv | awk '{print $2}'

you will get the "inet" IP address of your macOS devices, which is your router's IP address.

Now, let's talk about the window users, This command is quite different for window users, Go to the start menu, search for CMD, double click on it, and type the mentioned command.


The system will show you your IP address. After getting the IP address of your router you can easily log in just by entering it on your web browser.

Useful Info

Well, It is easy to log in to the Zoom router after reading this post carefully. But just in case you face any kind of issue or you want to configure your router differently, I am mentioning some important points that surely gonna help you in this matter,

Connecting vs. Logging In

Well, Do you know if connecting to a router via device or logging into it is the same thing or different? Hard luck huh! well don't worry, Let me tell you that there is a big difference between these two, for instance, both of these might have entirely different user credentials. SSID or Service Set Identifier is what’s used to connect a device to the router to initiate an internet connection. basically, it used to connect to a WIFI or LAN based internet connection.

Changing The Password

We all are very aware that our security is the first priority of us. We highly recommend you to be secure with a unique username and password and changing them is no big deal all you need to do is log into your admin console then click on Status > Security, and change the credentials according to your preferences.

Understanding Admin Privileges

Well, Once you got access to your router admin console you would be having all admin rights over all the network settings. So, simply you make any changes whether that is temporary or permanent will surely affect the entire network so it is your responsibility t handle that carefully.

Saving the Existing Settings

It is always important to have backups right! that is why I recommend you to copy the existing network configuration in a file on your device that will help you for sure. If anything goes wrong while changing settings, You can easily revert to your original settings only with the help of that backup you saved on your device.

How Can I Reset My Zoom Router?

Resetting your Zoom router is just nothing but a few seconds process, Wondering what the actual process is?

Just take your router in your hand and turn it back, Are you noticing a small hole? Can you see the button in that hole? Yes, That button plays a vital role in your few seconds process.

All you need to do is to press that button for 15 to 20 seconds, then it will boot up again, but this time by resetting the router. We personally suggest you to sharp pin or sim ejector tool to press the button.

After resetting, You can easily use your default credentials to log in, and if you don't have your default username and password just click here to visit our database to check your default credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I Need An Active Internet Connection To Open Admin Console?

No, You can easily access your router without any active internet connection, All the routers can be accessed without any internet connectivity, The admin console of all router can work inside the local area network.

In order to log in all you need to do is open your device and connect it with that same wifi network and enter your default host IP to visit the login page. (in my case that is

What to Do if I Forget My Username & Password?

If you are using a  router with a default username and password then you can easily check your default username and password from our database, just click here to check our database.

If you are using your own username and password then all you can do is just reset your router and log in again with the default username and password, And you can make your own username and password again.

Wrapping Up!

I hope that you have found what you were searching for before reaching this post. We’ve tried our best to share each and every important step which is necessary and required by you to access the web page console. We also shared the steps through which you can get the default credentials of your router easily and access the console.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this post feel free to comment below. We hope that you liked this article. Do share this article with your family and friends. Stay connected with us for such informative content.